Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guns in the locker room: Your thoughts

Michael Iozzo:

They should be arrested and banned from sports, and kicked out of college if that’s what we’re talking about. You either play sports or you’re a #%@$&^% thug, one or the other!

Michael has an interesting stand. He believes you should be arrested and banned in professional sports, which is an opinion people tend to lean towards. However, the subject of being kicked out of college is a sensitive one. In college, we expect young adults to learn and making a mistake may be the only way to deter behavior. I believe if an athlete is caught with a gun in college, they should be punished. However, they should be able to get a second chance. To be thrown out of college would only hurt the cause. We should help people make the right decision. Being suspended for a full year without a chance to practice can be detrimental to a player who has high hopes for being drafted. If the player comes back and realizes they need to be better, then they will not do stupid things like bringing guns into the locker room.

Marc Anthony Lopez:

Why not make lemonade with lemons and have a thug Olympics?!

Marc’s comment was meant to be a joke, but it still gives a good point. Why are we letting professional athletes with a history of bad behavior into the mix? It is equally, if not more, the fault of the organizations as it is the players. Owners and coaches need to be smarter, and they should not reward these players.

Cris Marcilionis posted in response to Marc:

(Ha, ha) I agree, they should have a separate thug league. LOL. That would make for some interesting entertainment. They should get kicked out, and have to pay back the money on their contract for being so stupid! These guys who get in trouble with guns are complete morons anyway. Who needs them? You get paid all that money, what the hell do you need to pack for?! Hire a bodyguard if you’re that worried.

Cris’ comment goes back to the owners. Why bring a guy with the risk of messing with team chemistry or causing bad public relations? They don’t have to pay their contracts back, and they get offered a contract from a team as soon as possible. If an athlete has a history of problems and they don’t show any change after two, three or four chances, then they shouldn’t be signed. At that point, we can just say I told you so.

We should clarify that we have no problem with the use of guns in game hunting, trap shooting and biathlons. These are sports that are meant to have guns in the locker room. The problem comes with other sports. Safety is always a huge concern for athletes, and someone may get hurt if athletes continue to bring guns into the workplace. They are safe behind security and bodyguards in the arena or stadium, so guns are not needed.Your polling results: 60% No excuses. The athlete should be fired like anyone else in this position. 20% The athlete should be suspended and have to file to be reinstated when proven rehabilitated. 20% The athlete should be suspended, but nothing harsher.

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