Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scenic Bluff's boy's basketball season finales are just a preview for the WIAA regionals

WIAA seeding for boy’s basketball was released yesterday, and the Scenic Bluffs conference is getting ready for regional play with a great finish in the regular season. Hillsboro defeated New Lisbon and Bangor defeated Royall to change the standings coming into the final games. As it stands now, Hillsboro and Bangor are tied for first, while New Lisbon and Royall stand a game and two games back respectively. The funny aspect about the outcomes tonight is if it were the playoffs, two number one seeds would have been knocked out.

New Lisbon and Royall are number one seeds for the WIAA Division 4 regionals. Hillsboro is a number two seed in the Reedsburg sectional with Royall. Bangor, the team with the best chance of winning the Scenic Bluffs title, is a number four seed in Division 3. As it stands now, Bangor would have to possibly face Arcadia in the regional final if they can beat Luther. Arcadia is shooting 65 percent from the free throw-line, and they are shooting under 30 percent from the arc. Bangor will have to exploit these shortcomings, especially with their history of giving up 3-pointers this season. They allowed 10 against Westby, a 3-point shooting team; and if Arcadia gets hot, the low percentage will not matter.

New Lisbon, Royall and Hillsboro will have a little easier road than Bangor. Neither team will face a school they can’t beat. Hillsboro has the only possible match up against a winning team, and Kickapoo is 11-9. New Lisbon and Royall are clear favorites to make sectionals with a favorable schedule. Hillsboro, having made a sectional final last year, has a great chance as well. Although Bangor has a tough placement, the Scenic Bluffs conference should make a little noise come March.

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