Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to I Am Sportacus

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I Am Sportacus:
A blog focusing on local prep sports in the south central Wisconsin area. It will cover high school athletes and competition in various conferences across the area. Starting soon, the writers will regularly post a new feature, including interviews and player profiles, with various coaches and players in the area every Thursday. You will be updated when the first piece will be posted.

In addition to local high school athletics, there will be regularly published opinion pieces and column-style writing in a broader scope discussing issues in the realm of professional and collegiate sports. The writers will pick topics relevant to each day’s events and post them on the blog in various formats. The writers will also answer to any comments posted to keep a circular flow of information.

Our mission statement:
The creators are dedicated to the pursuit of an accurate, newsworthy and professional approach to creating an endless flow of information between media and readers. They encourage others to interact and contribute ideas of their own. In the ever-changing world of journalism, a new approach is needed to continue the growth of the industry. I Am Sportacus will do everything it can to evolve with its readers and build credibility through the never-ending demand for perfection.

Let’s meet the writers:
Anthony Iozzo, after working part-time as a sport’s assistant at the Wisconsin State Journal, is a full-time assistant sports editor for the Unified News Group, writing for weekly newspapers the Verona Press, Oregon Observer and Stoughton Courier Hub. He is quickly building a reputation as a reliable reporter and talented writer. He developed the idea as well as the style and format of the blog.

Josh Smith, after getting a start at the Daily Jefferson County Union as a sports intern and writing for the Waterloo-Marshall Courier, is back at the Daily Jefferson County Union as a full-time sports reporter. He is joining Anthony to contribute his ideas to the blog.

Anthony and Josh, both graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, have met and interviewed many coaches and athletes in the south-central Wisconsin area. We will use our valuable experience in the print world to develop this blog while still contributing on a daily basis at our respective newspapers.


I Am Sportacus team

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