Friday, March 19, 2010

Clemson hitting the 3-pointers; Missouri making the steals

Clemson and Missouri are in an interesting battle in the East region. The game is close for two completely different reasons.

For Missouri, they are scoring from their defensive pressure. They have 11 steals and over 17 points from turnovers. For Clemson, they have 13 turnovers, but the 3-point shooting has been exceptional. They are eight for 13 from beyond the arc.

Missouri is getting the turnovers, but they cannot defend the 3-point line. They need to contest the jump shot. They should be winning, but the open 3-pointers are killing them.

Clemson needs to do one thing: protect the ball. They cannot turn it over to a team built on scoring after turnovers. The 3-point shooting is there, but the passing is not. Many of the steals could have been prevented if they didn’t force the pass. If they turn it over less and keep the shooting percentage up, they should come out on top. Clemson 39, Missouri 39.

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