Thursday, March 18, 2010

Double OT with Florida and BYU battling to the end

Florida had three more 3-pointers than BYU in regulation time, and the game went to overtime due to some long triples. But in the end, Florida used defense to put BYU out of rhythm.

BYU became a one-dimensional team with Jimmer Fredette becoming the only consistent threat, and Florida came back from 13 points down to send it into the first overtime.

Florida had two chances to take a six point lead. They failed, and BYU was able to use dribble penetration to get to the line twice, Michael Loyd Jr was the player who took over the first half and he hit four free throws to tie the game in overtime.

Loyd Jr was the savior of the overtime with six straight points, and we are heading to a second overtime.

Florida will need to stop Loyd Jr and Fredette from getting into the paint. Both players are killing Florida with dribble penetration.

BYU must defend under the rim. Florida is hitting 3-pointers, but they are hitting open players under the rim for easy 2-pointers. Florida needs the inside to score consistently, and BYU can disrupt their game by forcing one-on-one matchups. The game is tied at 81.

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