Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ohio is shooting their way towards an upset over Georgetown

Ohio is on the verge of another huge upset. The No. 14 seed is shooting over 50 percent from the field and have eight 3-pointers. Georgetown is struggling to score, and they have seven turnovers.

Armon Bassett has 17 points for Ohio, and the game is playing at the pace they want. Georgetown is a Big East school that likes to slow the game down and score in the paint. Ohio has been draining 3-pointers and forcing the ball up the floor. On defense, they are playing a zone that is preventing Georgetown from playing their offense like they would like.

Georgetown is going to have to shoot the ball better and force Ohio to play a half-court game. Ohio has killed them with speed. Georgetown is a stronger team in the paint, and they need to get some easy buckets and open up the outside.

Ohio is doing what a lower seed needs to do. They aren’t committing turnovers, and they are shooting extremely well, especially from the 3-point line. They need to keep up the fast-paced style, and they can push Georgetown to stray from their game. They also need to find a compliment to Bassett. Ohio 48, Georgetown 36.

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