Friday, March 19, 2010

West Virginia starts slow; Finish first half on a 37-17 run

Morgan State started on a 10-1 run versus West Virginia, but Kevin Jones started connecting with the rest of his team. He has 13 points through the first half.

West Virginia missed shots in the first ten minutes, but they moved their percentage up to 45 percent. Morgan State didn’t have as much luck shooting from the field. They are under 40 percent.

For Morgan State to win, they need to come out with the intensity from the beginning. They were playing a zone defense, but it was set up after they made shots. When they missed, West Virginia ran the floor and started getting easy shots against a broken down defense.

West Virginia started slow, but the butterflies wore off. They are hitting shots, and they are using their speed to get fast break points. They also started to take advantage of seven turnovers by Morgan State. West Virginia 38, Morgan State 27-10.

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