Friday, April 23, 2010

Denver with a strange pick; Patriots, Cowboys and Giants leading pack so far

The NFL Draft has been filled with oddities and scrambled results. The biggest surprise is Tim Tebow going in the first round. If anyone can hold their ears during the comparisons to Tom Brady from Jon Gruden – the guy thinks everyone is great – then we know it is a terrible pick.

The Cleveland Browns, for the 85th pick, chose Colt McCoy, and he would fit the Denver West Coast offense much better than a player who doesn’t have the skill set to be a pocket passer or the speed to be a great running quarterback.

Another oddity lies with the drop off of so many talented players. Jimmy Clausen and Taylor Mays were potential first-rounders picked in the middle of the second round. Sean Lee is another player who ended up being a steal as the 55th pick.

Overall, we have three winners and three losers of the first three rounds.


1.) New England Patriots – They make a few key trades and land some steals in the second round to help the team now.

2.) Dallas Cowboys – a premier wide out and a potential franchise linebacker is a great way to help the team excel.

3.) New York Giants – Defense was their problem last year, and they fixed many holes with three top-notch picks to sure up the coverage and pass rush.


Denver Broncos – They failed to grab Clausen or McCoy and are

stuck with Tebow. Good luck Josh McDaniels.

Chicago Bears – Only one pick, and they choose a safety with poor tackling.

Jacksonville Jaguars – They needed a quarterback and let Clausen and McCoy slip away. Plus, they waste the 10th pick on a player they could have bought up for.

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