Saturday, April 17, 2010

Redskins should trade down for more draft opportunity

The Washington Redskins made headlines when they traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The all-pro QB is certainly an upgrade over Jason Campbell – and backups Rex Grossman and Colt Brennan for that matter.

In the same off-season in which the team brought in a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, the team has kept up its reputation of signing used up free agents.

Washington already had running back Clinton Portis on the roster and decided to add Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to the squad. Johnson and Parker don’t have a good set of legs between the two of them.

The Redskins love to overpay for over-the-hill free agents from Deion Sanders to Jason Taylor to Albert Haynesworth – not ridiculously old, but $100 million dollars for a defensive tackle?!?

The signing of Parker and Johnson mar the trade for McNabb, but the Redskins can atone for it by drafting to protect their backfield players. Mock drafts suggest Washington could go after offensive tackle Russell Okung of Oklahoma State.

That would be a decent selection, but it may be wiser to draft down. Trading with a team like Cleveland – who has already expressed interest in moving up could produce multiple draft picks to select offensive lineman or a more suitable running back.

There is far more opportunity for the Redskins - who don’t have a second round pick from the McNabb deal – with multiple mid-round picks than one No. 4 overall pick.

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