Monday, May 17, 2010

Rays leading AL; Tigers and Blue Jays surprising


Detroit and Minnesota continue to trade shots again, but this time they do it without playing each other. Minnesota has trouble versus the Yankees, and the Tigers handle the Red Sox. The only difference becomes the quality of team. The Yankees are miles above the red Sox at the moment, and the Twins still hold the division lead.

The White Sox continue to disappoint, despite their rear win in Minnesota. The Royals top moment came when Zack Greinke finally won a game.


The Rays and Yankees are clearly the class of the East. They are one and two in almost every major baseball category. If the Red Sox doesn’t turn their season around, I highly doubt the Toronto Blue Jays will be as good as they have been for the entire season.

With two power pitchers, a lefty and a righty, the Rays have a little edge over the Yankees staff. However, the Blue Jays are very good at the moment, and they will be dangerous to face.


The Rangers respond to the Athletics with a great series win. They are the top team in the West at the moment, but no team has really shown any signs of consistency.

The Angels finally had some good signs with a series win over the A’s. However the other disappoint of the division, the Seattle Mariners, still can’t score. The Rays win 2-1 over Cliff Lee yesterday and keep them at the bottom of the American League.


1.) Tampa Bay Rays - They have a 2.70 ERA and lead the Yankees by

two games.

2.) New York Yankees– They now lead the league in runs scored, but

the pitching hasn’t dominated the league.

3.) Minnesota Twins – They had a rough week, but they still hold the

Central Division.

4.) Detroit Tigers – They went 5-1 the past week, including a sweep

against the Yankees. Could this be the sign of a

good team?


5.) Toronto Blue Jays – They swept the West leading Rangers and are

looking very good in a tough division. I

can’t give the West a nod this week.

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