Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tasers OK if fans are stupid

A man ran on to the field at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia during a Phillies-Cardinals game Monday. It’s not the first time a numbskull has interrupted a professional sports game, but this time around numerous cameras captured the 17-year-old Steve Consalvi being hit with taser gun.

Question No. 1 – Why did Consalvi think this “once in a lifetime opportunity” was a good idea?

Question No. 2 – Why are people upset that Consalvi was tasered?

He was on the field of play. There is a sacred boundary between players and fans, which is commonly called the seating area. Fans stay on their side, players stay on theirs. Only bad things happen when someone crosses this boundary.

Tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed by a man who ran onto the court and Ron Artest started a brawl in Detroit when he entered the stands. When people cross the barrier that is the viewing area/playing area, terrible and tragic things happen.

So why should Philadelphia police and Citizens Bank Park security act differently?

When someone leaps onto the playing service, it is not known what their intentions are. For Consalvi, it was his moment of fame. Well, he got it. They tased him bro’. And it’s a good thing they did.

I would say strong action like tasing someone who enters the field would deter the behavior, but another Philadelphia idiot ran on the field last night and was not tased, likely because of the scrutiny the first incident is receiving.

Consalvi’s father, Wayne, was quoted saying: “I don’t recommend running on the field, but I don’t think they should have tased him at all,” he said to the Philadelphia Daily News, according to ESPN.

However Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsay had this to say: “It was inappropriate for him to be out there on the field. Unless I read something to the contrary, that officer acted appropriately. I support him 100 percent,” he said on KYW Radio, according to ESPN.

I hope the police commissioner wins this one, because if every person who runs onto the playing field is tased, then maybe it will finally stop. Dear Phillies fans, please stop.

To view the video click here.

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