Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rays back on top; White Sox moving up


The one thing that can get in the way of winning streaks is facing another team on an even hotter streak. The Minnesota Twins hit a roadblock against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Chicago White Sox took advantage of it.

The White Sox are also in a big series at Detroit and are looking to bury the Tigers even further behind and make it a two-team race. The White Sox have to play better within the division, and they will have a big series with the Twins next week.

With two months to go, every series is more important than the last.


The Tampa Bay Rays are the new super power, but they will lose it and gain it and lose it and gain it for the rest of the year. I propose a truce and say the Rays and the New York Yankees are tied for the number one spot in the league.

The problem is the second place finisher will have 100 wins and be on the road for most of the playoffs. It is an interesting situation. So for now, the Rays are the top team.

The Red Sox may finish with the third best record in baseball and still miss the playoffs.


The Texas Rangers are the team in the West. The Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics don’t have the weapons to compete with the newly revamped Rangers.

The trades at the deadline were huge, and they will be a force in the playoffs. Barring a screw up of epic proportions due to distractions from the team’s sale, the Rangers should easily jog to the division title.


1.) Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays have grabbed the No. 1 spot with nine wins in ten games.

2.) New York Yankees – They not only lost to the Rays on the weekend, but they have fallen out of first with losses to Toronto.

3.) Texas Rangers – They can only beat themselves now..

4.) Chicago White Sox– The White Sox are suddenly only a game behind the Rangers for the second best divisional leader record.

5.) Boston Red Sox – They are six and a half games back of two teams close to 70 wins. They are in or tied for first in any other division, except the National League West.

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