Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Twins are back in first; The Rays are climbing back into first


The Chicago White Sox cannot defeat the Minnesota Twins, and they must turn the tide to win the division. The Twins seem to have the White Sox number, winning four of five since the White Sox were in first.

Now, the Twins are back, and they are ready to put a nail into the foot. If they win this series and next week’s series, the White Sox will be in a bad place with just over a month to play.

In other news, the Tigers are done.


The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays will be together for the rest of the season, and the Boston Red Sox have shown they don’t have consistency to challenge them for a playoff spot.

The interesting thing lies with who will win the division. The Rays and Yankees go in slumps while the other team gets hot. Whatever team is hot during the last few weeks will probably win the division.

The Red Sox may also play spoiler to one club or the other. They still are one of the better teams in the league.


The Texas Rangers are thinking playoffs. There is nothing else to be said in the West. The Oakland Athletics need hitting. The Los Angeles Angels need hitting. The Seattle Mariners need hitting. The Texas Rangers …


1.) New York Yankees - They are back in the top spot, but they need to stay hot for the rest of the year to stay there. Their schedule may help that.

2.) Tampa Bay Rays – They are back in gear and only a half game back. They have a big series against Texas next week.

3.) Texas Rangers – They are now playing for playoff position and momentum.

4.) Minnesota Twins– They beat the division rivals, and that is how you make the playoffs.

5.) Chicago White Sox – Boston is a better team record wise, but the White Sox were so hot, they aren’t the better team right now. The White Sox will need to beat the Twins, however.

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