Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Sox catch injury bug; Rays and Yanks march on


With injuries to Matt Thornton and JJ Putz, it seems like the Chicago White Sox are getting into a tough position. They stand three and a half games out of first place, but the reality could be the injuries can prevent them from getting any closer.

The left-handed power hitter has been absent, but the acquisition of Manny Ramirez can help with the glaring weakness. He may not be left handed, but if he can provide some runs, the White Sox can be better.

The Minnesota Twins may be at the one point in the season, where they can lose a lead. However, it also looks like the White Sox are at a point where they won’t gain any.


The Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees, the top two teams in baseball are deadlocked with 78 wins. They are both still closing in on 100 games, and they are also closing in on the playoffs as well.

The Rays are going to play in a big series this weekend against the Boston Red Sox. If the Red Sox want to get back in the race, the weekend may be a big chance.

The Yankees will be playing some teams coming up to maybe gain a little space in the division race.


The Texas Rangers were struggling, but they have done well against the Twins this week. They need to continue to build momentum back for the playoffs.

Cliff Lee has been giving up more runs than he has in a while, and the Rangers are struggling during the slide. They will need him to do better, so they can clinch the division and get ready for October.


1.) Tampa Bay Rays - They will have a chance to get closer to the playoffs this weekend.

2.) New York Yankees – At this point of the season, they are looking as good as last year.

3.) Texas Rangers – The overall team is looking dangerous come October.

4.) Minnesota Twins – They will need to show they can go deep into the playoffs by beating contenders.

5.) Boston Red Sox – The chances to get back in the race are waning. The weekend will be a test.

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