Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do-or-die; White Sox and Rays try to keep division hopes alive


The Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins continue to win, and it leaves the Twins with the upper hand and a superior lead with only a few weeks remaining in the season.

The big series coming up next week will be the do-or-die time for the White Sox, but the Twins have won 10 of 15 games against them so far this year.

If the White Sox don’t sweep, it will be nearly impossible to overcome the deficit.


The New York Yankees hold a slim two game advantage, and they have lost ground by losing to the Baltimore Orioles. With so many games against the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox coming up, the Toronto Blue Jays and Orioles have to be taken care of.

One interesting fact in the lead: The Rays are only one game behind in the loss column, which is all that matters this time of year. If the Rays win the games, they are really only one game out.


The Texas Rangers are stumbling into the postseason, and the issues continue to be on the road. They have dropped 14 games out of their past 18 on the road, and they are likely to play the Yankees or Rays on the road in the postseason.

If anything can help the Rangers, it will be a healthy Cliff Lee in a short series. But, he has had a few health issues lately, including lower back pain that can be detrimental to a pitcher.

A pitcher cannot twist, which is needed to mechanically throw, if there is back discomfort. It usually throws the arm off-balance and leads to balls up in the zone.

TOP FIVE AL TEAMS September 8:

1.) New York Yankees - It seems like they may be hitting a lull, but they are building a lead with just a weeks remaining.

2.) Tampa Bay Rays – The division is in reach if they can beat the Orioles and Blue Jays with the Yankees.

3.) Minnesota Twins – The Twins always find a way to win in September.

4.) Texas Rangers – Cliff Lee must be healthy if they want to win.

5.) Chicago White Sox – Despite being close to elimination, they are playing really good baseball right now.

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