Sunday, February 7, 2010

What you thought: Peyton Manning shocks with his poor fourth quarter play

On our Facebook fan page, a few fans gave their insight on our weekly discussion board. Let's see how the predictions came out.

Jordan Trustchal:

To me it is very easy to pick Indy to smoke Drew Brees and the Saints. After watching the Saints squeak by Minnesota last week, I can say that I do not have much confidence in them. Their passing game struggled in my opinion, although Brees did come away with 3 TD's. Brees had 197 passing yards, two passing TD's under ten yards, and the other was a screen pass that Thomas took to the house. One thing that was missing was the deep threat of Colston, Meachem, and Henderson. The two longest passing plays were to the RB's Bush and Thomas!

Defensively, I didnt think that they looked too bad, but this is not going to be INT Favre! Manning is going to bring the guns. Without the turnovers that the defense "forced" out of the hands of Adrian Fumblson the Saints are sitting at home watching 40 yr old Favre throwing bombs.

On the otherside, Manning and the Colts look spectacular in the 2nd half of their game. Manning was throwing 'frozen ropes' to his recievers play after play. He looked like the NFL MVP that we have known! Plus, the recieving core can straight up PLAY! Between Wayne, Garcion, Collie and Clark you may have the best sets of hands we have seen on one team in a long time. Let us not forget that the Colts put up 30 pts. and picked apart the number 1 ranked defense putting up 375+ passing and over 100 yards rushing! I dont think that the Saints D-line is going to touch Manning, and that is not how you beat the Colts!

The way the game was going, the post here was looking correct. Then something happened, Drew Brees went off, and Peyton Manning collapsed. The Colts lost the game because of Manning's turnover and poor clock management at the end of the game. I'm sure everyone is with me when I say, I didn't see that one coming.

Marc Lopez:

Saints over Colts 34-27.

The Saints score is almost dead on, but the Colts weren't as efficient as expected. Good job on taking the underdog.

RJ Schacht:

Indianapolis over New Orleans 30-24. Peyton will do what Peyton does.

The only problem with this post: Manning didn't do what Manning does. He made mistakes no one expected. The result was a Saints Super Bowl win.

Thank everyone for participating on the discussion board this week. Check out next week's topic, which will be posted tonight. Hope everyone enjoyed the game.

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