Thursday, March 18, 2010

Butler sets first round 3-point record with 13 as they crush UTEP

Butler sets the 3-point record in a first round game with 13, including 10 in the second half, and it helped them start the second half on a 22-4 run. The University of Texas- El Paso couldn’t defend Butler, who was 23 for 50 from the field in the second half.

UTEP wasn’t nearly as good from the 3-point line. They were four of 18 from beyond the arc, and Butler contained Derick Caracter in the second half, who finished with 20 points.

The Bulldogs also only had two turnovers in the second half, which helped fuel the big run. UTEP had fewer opportunities to score and, when they fell behind, they started to abandon the paint for outside jump shots. Matt Howard played great defense in the paint in the second half for Butler, limiting Caracter to tough shots.

Butler avoids the upset with an 77-59 win over UTEP. The Bulldogs will face Murray State, the No. 13 seed, in the second round on Saturday.

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