Thursday, March 18, 2010

Caracter looking good for UTEP early versus Butler

Butler only shoots nine of 24 from the field in the first half, and the University of Texas- El Paso took advantage of the missed shots by moving their offense up the floor. Derrick Caracter scored the final basket of the half, and he has 12 points to lead UTEP.

Butler struggled to get second chance opportunities, and it is hard to overcome poor shooting with only two offensive rebounds. UTEP has struggled from the 3-point line despite leading. They were one of nine from beyond the arc.

Butler will need to shoot the ball better, and they need to control the offensive glass if they can’t. UTEP can score in the paint with Caracter, and they can get there by collapsing the Bulldogs defense after missed shots.

UTEP needs to hit some 3-pointers, but they should get more opportunities if Caracter continues to dominate the paint. The game may come down to getting under the basket and kicking out to the outside. Caracter can hit jump shots as well, so he may force Butler to guess. UTEP 33, Butler 27.

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