Friday, March 19, 2010

Cornell is dominating the paint early

Cornell is dominating the paint early versus Temple, a 1-11 team in their last 12 NCAA tournament game. They are shooting 64 percent from the field, based primarily from passing to the basket and easy lay ups.

Temple also has nine turnovers, which is allowing Cornell to get up and down the floor quickly. The free throw-line has been good to the Big Red. They are nine of ten from the line, while Temple is three of four.

Temple needs to clog the paint and force Cornell to shoot jump shots. It has been too easy for the Big Red to get under the basket, and they are forced to either foul or give up on the play. Temple cannot give easy lay ups. On offense, Temple needs to start hitting 3-pointers. They are four of 11 from beyond the arc, and it has been a main part of their offense all season.

Cornell has been shooting extremely well, and it has allowed their defense to make Temple work for their points. Temple is only shooting 36 percent from the 3-point line, and it is based on the Cornell defense. When Temple has the ball, they have to rush at the end of the shot clock. Cornell 37, Temple 29.

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