Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida must slow tempo and stop BYU from getting inside

During the first half, Brigham Young University looked like they were in trouble. Their zone defense wasn’t working, because Florida hit three consecutive 3-pointers. They didn’t know whom to defend, because Florida had a balanced attack with seven players scoring at least four points.

On offense, BYU wins with the speed in their guard position, which is the main reason I chose them over Florida. However, Florida was playing at their pace. Florida was dictating their tempo.

It was 28-21 Florida, and it wasn’t looking good for BYU. Then, Michael Loyd Jr came off the bench and scored ten straight points, including getting into the paint a few times. The run made it 31-28, and BYU hit a few more buckets on the outside after the defense collapsed to double Loyd Jr.

Florida will have to get back to their tempo in the second half, and they must continue to hit the 3-pointer. They only shot 31 percent all year, and BYU is giving them the long triple attempts. If they knock them down, BYU will have to change their defense again.

BYU must continue to use their speed to get inside and work inside-out. They have shooters who can get open if players like Loyd Jr can continue to penetrate the defense. BYU 35, Florida 33.

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