Thursday, March 18, 2010

Notre Dame is winning the rebound battle versus the fifth rebounding team in the nation through one half

Notre Dame plays at their tempo, and they eat a lot of clock. They also have played really well with Ben Hansbrough and Tyrone Nash to mix with Luke Harangody to end the season. These are the reasons I chose them to win.

However, Old Dominion is fifth in the nation in rebounding, and Notre Dame still needs to win the battle and stop second chance opportunities. They did in the first half. They outrebounded the Monarchs 20-13 and Ben Hansbrough scored ten points.

Old Dominion is going to need to force Notre Dame to speed the pace, and they must do what they have done all year, win the rebound battle. They hit a huge 3-pointer at the end of the half, but they allowed Notre Dame to run the floor and get a jump shot for two.

Notre Dame is winning the game by doing what they do best, slowing the pace and eating clock. Look for the Fighting Irish to force Old Dominion to play defense for 35 seconds every trip down the floor. Notre Dame 28, Old Dominion 22.

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