Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lehigh challenging No. 1 Kansas

It’s been a streaky game to say the least. The Kansas Jayhawks got off to a terribly slow start before pushing the temp and going on a 17-2 run. They were looking like the No. 1 seed they are supposed to be. But Lehigh answered with a run of their own to get the score within four points with 4:00 to play.

Zahir Carrington is playing out of his mind for Lehigh scoring 12 points and gathering five rebounds in the first half.

When Kansas has been successful, they are getting similar production from Marcus Morris. He has 12 points and four rebounds at the half. Sherron Collins came on late in the half, amassing 12 points and four rebounds.

The Jayhawks need to take advantage of their height advantage in the second half. Lehigh is playing inspired basketball right now, but it will be difficult to match that intensity in the second half. They will need their 3s to start falling to stay in the game.

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