Friday, March 19, 2010

Oklahoma State edging Georgia Tech early

Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech are in a battle of evenly matched teams in Midwest region. The Cowboys are edging the Yellow Jackets with a few more buckets, but the game can still go either way.

Keiton Page leads the Cowboys with 10 points, but Cowboys have the advantage based on only three turnovers versus seven by Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech will need to protect the ball and force the Cowboys to take contested shots. Oklahome State is shooting 50 percent from the field, and they can take the second half over in the early minutes. In a close game, Georgia Tech will need someone to take over.

The Cowboys have the game on their side at the moment. If the pace stays the same, they should easily move on. Oklahoma State should continue to attack the inside. They are a great free throw shooting team, and the Yellow Jackets will be forced to collapse their defense to the middle. Oklahoma 36, Georgia Tech 31.

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