Friday, March 19, 2010

Gonzaga is showing everyone they were seeded too low

Gonzaga was underrated from the beginning of the season, and they are in the first round of the NCAA tournament showing why they aren’t going away that easy. They are crushing Florida State.

The Bulldogs are shooting 52 percent from field, while holding the Seminoles to 21 percent. Florida State is also struggling from the 3-point line only making one out of nine.

Florida State needs to shoot the ball better period. Gonzaga is embarrassing them on the inside both offensively and defensively. They are also being outrebounded 22-14. Gonzaga likes to exploit teams with second chance points. The Seminoles will have to beat them on the offensive glass in the second half.

The Bulldogs are in cruise control now. They need to remain aggressive on the inside, but they can’t let their guard down. If the Seminoles start hitting some shots, Gonzaga may have a battle on their hands. Gonzaga is struggling at the free throw-line. They are shooting 69 percent, which may haunt them in the last few minutes. Gonzaga 35, Florida State 19.

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