Friday, March 19, 2010

Purdue survives a shaky offensive game

Purdue must have read my halftime post in the locker room, because they came out on fire. They started the second half on a 16-3 run, and they quickly grabbed a 15-point lead before Siena had time to blink.

If you read my last update on the game, I also wrote Siena had to shoot it better. They actually shot the ball worse. The Saints finished with a 38 shooting percentage, and they essentially shot themselves out of the tournament.

The Boilermakers aren’t changing my mind yet, however. They will need some big-time play from Chris Kramer, who finished with 10 points, and JaJuan Johnson, who led Purdue with 23 points. Johnson also had 15 rebounds to finish with a double-double.

In the meantime, they can celebrate a 72-64 win over Siena. It may be short-lived, however. They almost allowed the Saints a chance to get back in the game by giving up a 12-0 run late. Despite a 22-9 assist discrepancy, they had trouble asserting their half-court offense.

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