Friday, March 19, 2010

Texas A&M dominating early

Texas A&M is crushing Utah State after shooting 56 percent from the field. Khris Middleton led the Aggies with 14 points.

A big problem for Utah State was the lack of 3-point shooting. They only hit three out of nine attempts, while the Aggies outrebounded them 20-11. The result was many fast break scoring drives.

Utah State will need to connect on the 3-pointer in the second half. When they miss, they allow Texas A&M to run the floor and score lay-ups on a discombobulated defense. If they shoot 33 percent in the second half, the game will be over early.

Texas A&M is controlling the boards, and it will lead them to victory if Utah State keeps missing shots. In the second half, they should control the clock and drive the lane. The more they score; the more pressure for Utah State to connect on 3-pointers. The result will be a blowout. Texas A&M 42, Utah State 29.

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