Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eileen Gehring Profile

Name: Eileen Gehring

Year: Junior

Hobbies: Golf

Favorite athlete: Usain Bolt

Other sports or clubs: Cross Country

Gehring has had a great track and field career for the Madison Edgewood girls’ track and field team. She won at both the indoor and outdoor Madison All-City meets, and she tied the outdoor record in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.3 seconds. Gehring also qualified for the WIAA state meet in both her freshman and sophomore years.

Recently, I sat down with Gehring about high school track and beyond. Here’s the interview:

SPORTACUS: What is your favorite memory running for Madison Edgewood, and why?

GEHRING: My favorite memory from Edgewood Track is the state track meet my freshman year. This is my favorite memory because it was so exciting to experience the meet; it was fun to see all of the runners and different events taking place. It was very incredible to make it into the final races for the 100 and 200. I’ll never forget standing on the podium for the 200-meter dash.

SPORTACUS: Why did you choose track? What are your goals at Madison Edgewood?

GEHRING: I ran track a few years during middle school and I knew that I liked to sprint, so I chose to do track. My goals at Edgewood are to finish in the top five at state in the 100 or 200.

SPORTACUS: With this year and next year left in high school, do you have any long-term plans? College track? Coaching? Other subjects?

GEHRING: I plan to finish high school running track. I hope to go to college for track and field or run track wherever I decide to go. I’m not sure what I want to major in but I’ve been looking around at colleges.

SPORTACUS: Do you have a different approach when trying to win as a team instead of winning as an individual? Explain.

GEHRING: I ran the 4x4 (relay) a lot this year and will continue to run it. I love the team feeling of doing a relay, and it is great motivation to have my time be important to three other girls and not just myself.

SPORTACUS: You won the 100-meter dash at the Badger conference Invite in 13.22 seconds and came the back the next two triangular meets with a win in the 200-meter dash in 26.00 seconds and the 100-meter dash in 12.9 seconds. What has helped you continue to get a little quicker every race, and do you feel like you can run even better in the final few meets of the season?

GEHRING: I think that I was able to improve my times gradually because I am becoming more comfortable with the season. As the season progresses and the meets become more and more important, I think I have more motivation to improve in my events. As the competition in the final meets becomes tougher, I feel like I can be pushed to run a better time. I’m excited to see how those meets turn out.

SPORTACUS: You have done the 100-meter and the 200-meter dash. Which race do you feel more comfortable running? Do you prefer the longer dash or the shorter one? Why?

GEHRING: I feel more comfortable in the 200-meter dash because I feel like it gives more time to build up my speed. I think that 200 meters are a perfect length.

SPORTACUS: What will be your goal during the Badger outdoor championships? What will you do to prepare, and do you know what race you will run during the meet? Is there anything you would like to do in the meets before the Badger championships?

GEHRING: My goals during the Badger Championships are to PR in my events. I’m not sure what I will be running yet, but I will be practicing in the upcoming weeks to prepare for the meet. I am hoping to improve my 200-meter time before the Championships.

The Badger Championships will be next Tuesday, and Gehring has the Monona Grove Invitational left, after her performance at the Madison All-City outdoor championships, to hone her skills. Check back on I Am Sportacus for thoughts on the results.

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