Thursday, March 18, 2010

Murray State hits the 3-pointers and only turn it over four times; Another upset may be brewing

March Madness has had some great games so far, and Vanderbilt and Murray State are continuing the trend. The underdog Murray State has controlled the game, because they are shooting well and winning the battle on the offensive glass.

Murray State had eight offensive rebounds, and they were five of nine from beyond the arc. Vanderbilt shot 42 percent from the field, but Murray State shot 50 percent.

Murray State needs to continue to hit the 3-pointer, and they have done well with protecting the ball, only committing four turnovers. These are two factors that help teams complete the upset. They ended the first half on a 12-5 run by making shots and not giving Vanderbilt easy buckets. They also were given some second chance opportunities by winning the offensive rebound battle. They must continue to battle down low.

Vanderbilt will need to defend the 3-point line. Murray State was able to get some penetration, and it opened up some outside shots. If Vanderbilt can protect the paint, they can contest some shots and force Murray State to beat them by making the tough ones. They must stop Murray State from getting second chance opportunities. Murray State 36, Vanderbilt 32.

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