Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sam Houston State leads despite hitting only two of 17 from the 3-point line

Despite shooting two of 17 from the 3-point line, Sam Houston State is playing with Baylor. Baylor has many players who can score, while Sam Houston State has a select few. The balance is a big reason why I picked Baylor to win.

A major reason for the success was due to the nine turnovers by Baylor. They could never go on a run, and they allowed their opponent to stay in the game. The result is an evenly matched stat line, despite the 3-point differential.

Baylor will need to protect the ball, and they need to continue to spread the ball around until they get good looks. The guards must play better. They allowed Sam Houston to stick around, and they must watch out for the 3-pointers. If the game is close at the end, Sam Houston State can make you pay if you fall asleep at the arc.

For Sam Houston, they have to start knocking down the 3-pointers. They are lucky they have the lead at the moment, but Baylor will score. They need to put pressure on their guards by draining the threes. They also need another scorer. Gilberto Clavell has 17 points, and Baylor will begin to double him. Clavell will need to find someone else to score. Sam Houston State 31, Baylor 30.

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